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Friday, January 18, 2008

Adult responsibilities

Do you know someone who says they take complete responsibility for something and then the say "..., but?" Doesn't the "but" negate the responsibility taken?

Check out this situation: I know someone who had an inappropriate conversation with a child -- a teenager -- and had to leave the home or risk losing all of their kids. Now that person says they take complete responsibility for what they did, but no one is perfect and the child has to take responsibility for what they did that day as well.

First of all, this is the first time the person has said anything about something the child did that day. Second of all, even if the child walked around naked the responsibility is still on the adult to say, "Get your butt out of here and get dressed." Or whatever.

It's like a man saying they say a woman dressed sexily so he raped her because she was dressed a certain way. That's saying it's her fault and even if they say they take responsibility for it; it's taken back when you say "but."

Someone I know used this analogy: 'You know that woman who was arrested for having sex with the 14 year old boy? Well, it's like her saying he agreed to it and it was consensual. As the adult, she should have just stopped the situation and said no. ... That's what complete responsibility is."

Well... what do you think?
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