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Friday, December 14, 2007

Perfect gift for her

Artemis Woman Shea Butter Paraffin Spa

Here's another gift idea that I think is just perfect. This spa will give any woman relaxing and much-deserved, at-home hand care. Check this out...

I think this is a great idea for your wife, mother, sister, aunt or anyone who needs a little pampering. If you want to purchase one, they're available online at Artemis Woman or at Ulta stores nationwide. Also, check out Hammacher Schlemmer and Solutions Catalogue.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Just a little people watching

This morning I was just doing my thing... driving, talking to Amber, listening to music, glancing in the mirror when what do my eyes spy: The man driving behind me was holding up a newspaper to block the sun. I say to Amber, "His visor must be broken." And tell her about the guy behind us. She was looking in the vanity mirror so she glanced back and kind of chuckles.

"He must be really bothered by the sun." I say... still glancing.

We get to a stoplight and I proceed to make jokes about the guy (you know, just being silly) when my voyeurism catches him DIGGING up his nose. It wasn't a little scratch or a slight touch. He dug for the gold and then... you're not going to believe this... stuck his finger in his mouth and picked off whatever came out of his nose!

"Amber!" I said loudly, while laughing, slightly scaring her and gasping at the same time. "That man is digging up his nose.... Oh my gosh!! He just put it in his mouth!"

Well you can imagine the laughs and jokes we had about that.

Amber's response: If you gonna do it; everyone knows not to do it in public! LOL.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The diagnosis

My health and weight loss journal

If I remember correctly I told you that my primary care doctor referred me to a rheumatologist. I went to him on Friday (wonderful doctor, by the way, very thorough) and he said I have two things going on that are making me feel so terrible all the time.

1) Fibromyalgia
2) Weak immune system

He says there's a very fine line between the two in regards to my symptoms, but the good news is both are treatable with meds. But, here's the dilemma, I have to wean the baby.

You probably know that I only nurse her during the night and I was doing that until she started sleeping all night, but I am so anxious to start the medication that I've been trying to wean her now (and get her to sleep all night). The doctor asked me if I wanted to wean her to start the process and I said yes. Then he made me promise to not start taking the meds he prescribed until she was weaned. No problem. So, he said he would see me in two months and that should be enough time to wean the baby and get the meds in my system to see if/how they work.

The bigger dilemma is actually weaning her. I've tried a few nights. We've only had one night of successfully sleeping from about 10:30 or so until about 6. No problem that night. Even though I didn't go to bed until about 1 a.m.; it wasn't so bad getting up at 6 to heat up a bottle and start my day.

The night after that she went to sleep too early -- around 9 and got up around 3:30. She fussed and cried. My breasts were so sore from not nursing her the night before and she wouldn't be still, had no interest in being soothed so I broke down after about an hour and nursed her. I didn't get back to sleep until about 5 a.m.

Last night was a bust. She woke up around 3 even though she went to bed at 10. I didn't get her out of the bassinet right away and she fell back to sleep after a little while so I thought I was home free. I dozed back off and was surprised to hear a little yell and crying. I get her out of the bassinet and I break down again and nurse her after about 30 minutes of wrestling. Even after nursing her she still didn't go back to sleep. She cried for the longest time. So at about 5 I get up and heat up a bottle (while I put in a load of laundry). She drank the bottle and is still awake... it's 6:17 (and she's back to wrestling!).

So... I don't know how I'm going to get her weaned -- and sleeping all night -- by myself. When my husband and I were together, and I wanted to wean, he would do the nighttime duty. She is nothing like the other children so none of the tricks are working with her. Not getting sleep just exasperates how I feel...

Any advice?

Oh, and as far as weight loss goes, I haven't been doing well with exercising and moving, but I've been eating pretty good. About six small meals a day -- fruits and veggies included. I guess it would do me some good to cut out the daily dessert, but - hey - I think I deserve it! :-)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My choices for "best gifts ever"

I originally planned on posting a gift idea every day from December 1st until the 24th. Well, that didn't work out, but I've compiled all this information and ideas that I wanted to share with you so I'm just going to do one gigantic list. It shouldn't be too long and you should be able to find an absolutely perfect gift for someone on your list.

Here we go...

1. This idea is a great stocking stuffer if you get the small version and a good gift for an avid reader if you get a larger one: The book light. My teenager and I found the perfect one to use as stocking stuffers at Wal-Mart for ONLY $1.47. It's a Clip-On Book Light that comes in a variety of different colors. We each bought one and are really loving them. No more rolling over or getting up to turn off lights! I couldn't find this one on the site, but there's one at for just $14.96. Check the store the $1.47 one. (BTW: Barnes and Noble has great book lights too!)

2. When you give a baby a gift you should give a gift that is helpful to the parents. (That's just my opinion.) That's why I suggest a bebePOD plus for children ages 3 to 14 months. Not only will the babies love sitting in this thing, but the parents will thank you for giving them something useful and helpful. This little seat includes a removable pommel, adjustable tray, reusable placemats and an attachable toy! It's also pediatrician recommended (well, that's what they say!) Check the bebePOD plus out. (Okay, I want one of these!! HINT HINT!) I think Babies R Us carries something similar.

3. Before I give you this gift idea I have to include a WARNING LABEL specifically for the guys! To the men: WARNING! Do not buy a gift like this for your wife or significant other unless you know for a fact that they don't mind receiving appliances for the holidays!!! The reason I chose this one is because I want one: The Bissell® Lightweight Bagless Vacuum. Wal-mart had them on sale for $25 awhile back so you may have to do some shopping around. What I like best about this is it's bagless, it has a HEPA filter and it's lightweight. Nuff said. I did a little search and found them at for $39.88.

4. I don't remember what magazine I saw this in, but it's the perfect gift for someone who travels a lot. It's a cashmere travel-pillow-and-eye-mask set by Armand Diradourian Cashmere. Okay, they're $150 for the set, which maybe a little high, but it's the perfect holiday indulgence that can be used and enjoyed for years to come. They come in some delicious colors and although I couldn't find a picture to share with you when I did a search; I did find Armand Diradourian's Cashmere Travel Slippers. These cashmere gifts are absolutely divine! Check out, Neiman Marcus or do a search and see if you can find them at your favorite store.

5. For some people, shopping for grandparents and older family members can be difficult. I think the best choices for this group of loved ones is something useful or something that they'll hold dear. Two gifts I think they'll love -- one on the semi high end and one on the low end: Pandigital 7" Digital Photo Frame or a Jumbo Remote Control. Both are sold at Bed Bath & Beyond. The frame has 128MB of memory, a remote control and the AC adapter, and you can find it in the store for $79.99 (after rebate). On the site the frames start at $29.99 and go up to $299.99. The remote is universal and the buttons are easy to see and push. It's $9.99 in stores and on the site.

6. Some great stocking stuffers:
**Filigree candle with base -- proceeds from this purchase go to Unicef. Check them out at (According to All You magazine this is a green gift!)
**HoMedics Quad massager -- They're only $10 and you can find them at Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl's, Linens N' Things and Walgreens. (HoMedics is a great brand!)
**Digital key chain frame -- This is a great stocking stuffer for dads. It's his pictures on the go and it's a gadget. Look for one at Amazon.
**iKaraoki -- Talk about the perfect gift for your teen or tween. This little gadget is plugged into an iPod and the lead vocals will fade out so your aspiring star can shine through. It's Griffin Technology that you can find at stores like Best Buy and Target.

Final on the list are the standards: Don't forget clothes, jewelry, perfume and home decorative items. Keep these thoughts in mind when shopping for gifts:

1. The person's favorite color.
2. Their likes and dislikes.
3. Their style and body type.
4. Interests and hobbies.
5. And any hints they've dropped. :-)

Like Dr. Phil says, "Don't give them what you want them to have, give them what they want."

Sleep Number Beds

About four years ago we purchased a king-sized, pillow top mattress that was guaranteed to provide the ultimate in sleep comfort, but I’ve been checking out the Sleep Number Bed at and I think it may be the best choice. The Sleep Number beds allow you to adjust the overall firmness or softness of the mattress from 0-99 so you can find the ideal combination of comfort and support.

It has a Digital Numeric Inflation System (available with all the beds) that allows you to make your adjustments with the push of a button. Single? You can adjust the entire bed. Married? There are mattresses that allow you to adjust each side separately.

What could be better than an air mattress that allows you to set it to your specifications whenever you want?

Other features include air chambers that use a cross baffled design (both horizontal and vertical) to create square pockets of air that provide consistent comfort and support from head to toe. The foundation of the bed, although similar to a box spring, provides a complete firm and flat support layer that contours to the body. And if any of this doesn’t work out, provides up to a 20-year warranty: They warrant that your mattress and/or foundation will be free from defects in material and workmanship for up to 20 years from the original purchase date. They will also repair or replace your mattress – for free! – for up to five years after the purchase.

Get some sleep!


No more promises

It's obvious that I can't keep my promises when it comes to what I'm going to post on this blog and when so I'm enacting a "no promises disclosure clause." The clause is as follows: "There will not be any promises made about when I will post something, how often I will post it or what it will be."

Why am I doing this? Because I can't stand making a promise and not being able to keep it. Case in point: I said I would post a daily gift guide between December 1st and December 24th. Well, I posted one and then for the next few days I had computer problems. Then I wasn't feeling well. Then life got in the way. The teenager had homework due. Etc., etc., etc. So, to avoid that I'm not going to make any promises. (Well, I'm going to try my darnedest.)

What I will do is try to catch up on what I want to post and hope that it is well received and well read. In the meantime, please keep coming back -- I'm enjoy your company, your support, your comments and your friendship.

Have a happy Tuesday.
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