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Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Month of October

This may be a little late, but it's just dawning on me that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it's also National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I've noticed that as years have passed National Breast Cancer Awareness Month has become widely advertised and participated in, which is good. Although very small, I did my part by purchasing two bags of M&Ms to get the free bouquet of flowers (this promotion was at my local Kroger). Of course I gave the flowers to my daughter. I have to admit that I ate the entire bag of peanut M&Ms by myself and because I did that in such a short amount of time I gave the bag of plain M&Ms to one of the nurses at the children's hospital. (Eating that entire large bag made me realize why I don't buy M&Ms -- they are obviously a weakness for me!... but that's another story!)

Let this post serve as my reminder to all of you -- and myself -- to do your monthly breast self examinations. Early detection saves lives! If you'd like more information about breast cancer or have questions, check out the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month site. There's a lot of helpful information there.

Another issue that's deserving of our attention is domestic violence awareness. It's estimated that 3 million women are abused by their husband or boyfriend every year. I had no idea that the number was so high and I'm wondering what we -- as a society -- can do about it. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has tons of information on domestic violence. Everyone should look into what they can do to help. My advice -- although easy to say -- is: If you're in that situation, please do whatever you can to get out! Oprah recently had a show that discussed making a plan so you can get out safely. And, if you know someone who is in that situation, offer to help them. You may think there's nothing you can do, but letting an abused person know that you're there for them could be just the lifeline they need to make a drastic, life-altering change.


Friday, October 12, 2007

My baby is finally home!!

This is Amber earlier this year modeling a dress she bought while on a field trip in NYC.

I brought Amber home from the hospital today!! Thanks to all who have expressed concern: Tammy, Carrie, Frankie, Lewis, Bradley... and if there's anyone else please know that my brain is just tired!

She is still on the mend and will be out of school for at least another week. She is weak and still in pain, but her pain seems to be slightly less. She has six different medicines to take at varying times during the day so I'm working hard to make sure she takes what she's supposed to at the time she's supposed to.

I read up on some of the medicines and about four of them cause pain so I'm hoping and praying that when she's finished with the treatment all of her pain will be completely gone. (The field of medicine can be so crazy -- for lack of a better word -- because the medicines that are supposed to make her feel better make her feel worse.)

She'll follow up with the GI in about three weeks. She'll have a homebound teacher for about a week and I'm hoping the teacher will help to get her all caught up. But, besides all of that, I'm just relieved to have her at home. Now I really jump into mommy mode!

Thanks again for everyone's prayers, love and concern.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

A whole ‘nother world

After more than a week spent at the children’s hospital with my daughter I have finally figured out the feeling that I get when I walk through the facility. It’s a very surreal feeling… today it dawned on me that it’s almost like entering another world.

As parents, most of us pray and hope that our children will stay healthy and safe, and even if they do get sick it doesn’t normally warrant a hospital stay. Some Tylenol, soup and an entire box of tissues may be all that’s called for. But what about when your child is really sick? Where are the children with leukemia, the children who need kidney or bone marrow transplants, the children with life-threatening birth defects or the ones who have been in life-altering accidents?

They’re all at the children’s hospital. At the children’s hospital it’s normal to see the smallest of patients walking around with face masks. It isn’t odd to see an adorable toddler, playing with an animated screen, with a feeding tone protruding from her neck. And it is especially “normal” to see the shell shocked, exhausted look of parents and loved ones trudging through the halls carrying a child, pushing a child in a wheelchair, or pulling them in a wagon.

In the short time I’ve spent there (short compared to some of the other parents) I’ve gazed at the other children and wondered about their ailments. I’ve glanced at parents (identified by our “parent access badges”) in the elevators and I’ve pondered the very existence of children on this earth. The very thoughts make me wonder if I’m an oddity or if others are thinking the same thing I am.

When you enter the world of the children’s hospital 99.99 percent of the staff (whether medical or support) are friendly and helpful. When you enter that world a vast majority of the parents have something in common. The children quickly form bonds as they attend school, story time, go to the library, visit the garden... yes, this is all at the children’s hospital.

The children’s hospital is a sad place; a place that reminds us of the reality of life. It’s also a place of hope and courage. It’s a place – a whole ‘nother world – that can teach us a little something about life!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My favorite sites

Although I sometimes forget to visit the blogs and sites that I like the most, I still try to remember to add them to my list. Check out "my favorite sites" list to the right. I've added The Egel's Nest (Bradley is the great guy who created the award I received not too long ago from Tammy) and Pajama Mommy, which I think is just a cool site!

What sites and/or blogs do you like the best?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Wonderful Award

Thanks to Tammy from Mom Knows Everything for this award!

Having a regular day…

I’ve been thinking a lot about parents who have terminally or critically ill children. How do they manage? They spend a lot of time at hospitals – sometimes living there for months at a time – and they spend a lot of time at doctors’ offices. This is my sixth week with a sick child and my second week for the hospital (or something like that), and I’m wondering how I should balance it all.

Is there going to be any such thing as a regular day? What I mean is: How much time will pass before I won’t feel guilty for taking a moment to check my e-mail, go through the mail, pay a bill, write a post or whatever mundane, necessary task I must accomplish. Isn’t it selfish of me to sit down and watch television while I feed the baby? I feel like I should be at the hospital at all times.

How in the world do parents continue to hold down full-time jobs or run businesses? Take care of other children? Run errands? I feel guilty taking care of the younger children instead of being at the hospital. I feel guilty when I’m at the hospital and not taking care of the younger children. I’m worried that I’ve missed a bill payment, a phone call, that the house isn’t clean… and as each day passes and my daughter remains at the hospital I’m worried that I’m not doing enough to ensure she’s being well taken care of.

My part-time emotional eating has turned into full-fledged gorging. My running on adrenaline has turned into running on fumes. But, if you look pass that and the fact that my baby is in the hospital I guess it’s just a regular day.

Perfect gift for him is perfect gift for you

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