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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oh Happy birthDAY!

I awoke this morning in good spirits and did the same thing I do every year: I opened my eyes, looked at the ceiling and tried to see if anything felt different. It didn’t… it doesn’t. Now I am 39 years old and the only thing that’s different is how I look in the mirror. A lot of people compliment me and say I look young, but – of course – I look in the mirror and I see all the changes.

I think I’ve come to terms with the changes and can live with the developing wrinkles, emerging gray hairs and enlarged pores – there are bunches of products to conceal and reduce these problem areas. And I think I can adjust to the dark circles that seem to have taken up permanent residence under my eyes. (Later I’ll have to tell you about the wonderful products offered by Sheer Coverage.) The thing I’m having the most trouble adjusting to is the additional weight, but I didn’t really think about that (much) today.

Today I was as young as I’ve ever been. I smiled more. I felt good about myself. I had fun and I was relaxed. I didn’t worry about anything and I was “present” all day. I didn’t hold complete conversations in my head, I didn’t anticipate what I thought others would say or think and I wasn’t concerned about anything or anyone. It was such a freeing day… and although I am exhausted; I enjoyed it immensely.

What really made it enjoyable was my childlessness. I know it doesn’t seem nice to say, but I had a relatively child-free day and it was definitely much needed. Anna, the baby, went to the daycare with Andre and Amareah and although Amber was home sick from school, I was able to go out and leave her here. Sounds terrible, but she was okay to be alone and had the opportunity to nap and have a little quiet time.

This was the first time I’ve left Anna for this long (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and I felt a little tug as my childcare provider lifted her from the car seat. The feeling, however, passed fairly quickly. :-) I was able to go out to lunch with my husband, (I guess I can tell you more about that later too!) did a little shopping and took care of some medical stuff for Amber.

Sometime tomorrow – or next week (you know how busy things can get) – I’ll load pictures of the flowers I received, the ice cream cake I bought for myself, pictures of myself in the birthday outfit as well as before and after shots of my Sheer Coverage face. For now, this is a peek at me during my younger days… about two weeks ago! LOL.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

One of my beautiful babies

I know all mothers are partial to their children and it isn’t very appropriate for me to brag about my own kids, but I must say that my latest little one is so adorable and pleasant. She'll be four months in about a week and she rarely cries… only when hungry and sleepy, and even then she starts to fuss for awhile first before she cries.

If she’s on her stomach when she wakes up she just looks around and enjoys the view for awhile. If she’s on her stomach, she’ll suck her hands then look around first.

The other day we finally took a couple of pictures together. (I don't know what it is, but the more children I have the worse I get at recording moments with photos.) I thought they turned out beautifully and she's such a little darling that I had to share.

Get Paid for Posting

I've already mentioned at least two times that I’m looking for regular (and lucrative!) freelance opportunities or a job, so I was really happy when I noticed a blog marketing link on one of my fellow bloggers … uh, blog. (I think it was Tammy at Mom Knows Everything.) I immediately checked it out, signed up and started posting. Although I haven’t earned a lot of money yet I am really pleased with the program, the PayPerPost site and the ease in which I can take advantage of the paid opportunities.

I love blogging so being a member of PayPerPost allows me to do something that I love to do and get some financial rewards from it. Although it’s fun to do what I love; it makes it even better to get paid to do it.

And getting paid means having money to spend. I’ll do different things with the money I earn: pay bills, treat myself to lunch, buy some panties (GASP!) or simply take care of everyday household expenses. There’s the teenager who needs clothes and things for school; the preschool and toddler need socks and underwear and, of course, they want toys; and the baby ALWAYS needs diapers and such.

If you’re a blogger who needs extra cash just check out PayPerPost. I think you’ll love it just as much as I do.

Happy posting!

Sick Child Madness

I feel like I’m neglecting my blog and my bloggin’ friends, but I have a baby and a sick teenager at home. If you recall from my weekend, I had to take Amber to the emergency room because of stomach pain. Well, she’s been home from school all this week and we still don’t know what’s wrong with her.

She’s had blood work and x-rays. Her x-rays of her stomach didn’t show anything and the majority of her blood work was normally, but there’s one test that we’re still waiting on. I’ve called the pediatrician’s office everyday this week and finally they told me to take her to a GI doctor; however, no one has available appointments today or they don’t take pediatric patients. So, I call the pediatrician back and leave a message for her doctor. And, so the waiting game continues.

I’ve been in touch with Amber’s teachers via email and requested work or projects that she can at least start on and try to complete if she’s up to it. She’s in the 11th grade and this is a very important year for her so she’s worried about getting behind.

I, on the other hand, am worn out. I hate to sound selfish, but four children are a lot of work and I haven’t been able to get anything done besides call doctors and take care of children along with trying to do the chores that Amber usually does along with my own housework. Tomorrow is my birthday and I made arrangements for the baby to go with the other children to daycare so I was going to have an entire free day to myself. (I’ve scheduled lunch with my husband – yes, we’re still separated but that’s another story – and planned on a movie or writing in the park.) Now, I may have a sick child at home. Of course she’s old enough to leave alone and not too sick to be on her own for awhile, but my mommy guilt would haunt me all day long.

So, if you don’t hear from me – here or on your blog – know that I’m busy taking care of children and trying to find a free moment for myself. Ahhh, the joys of motherhood.

Monday, September 17, 2007

One Heck of a Weekend

On Thursday I was really looking forward to the weekend. Although all of the children would be home; I had it pretty much planned out and knew that I would have the help of my teenager if I needed it. What I didn’t bargain for was unexpected trips to the store and emergency room with nothing getting accomplished and a growing “to do list.”

Here’s how my weekend went…

Freezing Arenas and Rainy Nights … Friday, Sept. 14
I’m feeling pretty optimistic about my day. I know that I won’t get any work done because I committed to helping my daycare provider take the children to Sesame Street Live. The night before I pack the diaper bag and decide what everyone is going to wear. Andre and Amareah are excited and I’m a little excited to do something out of the norm.

I arrive to the sitter’s house on time. She’s running a little late and then has to stop and get gas and put air in her tire. Not too bad. I don’t even get frazzled when she’s driving about 80 MPH (I’m following in my van) and misses her exit. We arrive at Phillip’s Arena; walk into the arena right smack dab into 20 degree temperatures. No, I’m not kidding. It’s so cold that my throat starts to hurt.

We survive the 90-minute show, get all the children souvenirs and arrive back at her house safely after stopping to get lunch at McDonald’s. My children’s father is supposed to pick them up and I was on my way home when he calls to tell me he can’t find his car key. He’s downtown and has to call a locksmith. So I wait at the sitter’s house until he calls, about two hours later, to say he probably won’t be able to make it in the Friday afternoon traffic. I say something like, ‘You’re probably right since it’s pouring down raining here!’

Yup, wouldn’t you know it – a storm rolls in, which forces me to stay at the sitter’s house until it passes so I don’t get the baby – not to mention me and the other children – soaking wet. We finally make it home and I settle in for the night (you know, dinner, snacks, baths, bedtime, laundry, chores, bottles, baby, etc. … but, I’m still looking forward to the weekend.

Toy Extravaganza and ER Visit … Saturday, Sept. 15
Andre and Amareah wake up in good spirits and full of energy. They aren’t usually home during the weekend so they pulled out all of their toys, watched movies and enjoyed the snacks while (occasionally) helping me out. Around 1 p.m. a neighborhood teen comes by to cut the grass, but I don’t have any cash so I have to run to the store. I refuse to go just to get cash so I make a little list and rush out. I return about 25 minutes later and when I open the door, 3-year-old Andre meets me with “Amber stomach hurts! Amber stomach hurts!” and he rushes off down the hall to her room with me and his sister following.

Amber is on the bed crying and doubled over in pain. After an interrogation of where it hurts and why, I decide to take her to the emergency room. (A little background: she had a doctor’s visit on Thursday. The doctor ordered tests, which we were going to do today… you get the picture.)

I called the sitter to see if she could care for the three younger children. Thumbs up for Amareah and Andre, but not for the baby. She was at her daughter’s softball game and it was too hot for the baby to sit outside for a tournament! Andre and Amareah luck out though because the game is in a neighborhood park that has a playground! I quickly grab a few things for the baby and rush out the door.

We arrive at the ER at 3 p.m. I didn’t think the wait would be long because instead of going to the ER that I knew would be slow and busy with a “colorful” collection of people, I went to the ER in a nicer neighborhood. When we walked in I was surprised at the number of people there. While we sat and waited I eavesdropped on a few of the people. There was a man who had been bitten by a dog, a lady who was in a car accident, a boy who had a possible arm fracture that occurred during a softball game, a mentally ill person, a lady who continually refused a wheelchair with what looked like a hip injury and a variety of people who looked like they would pass out at any moment.

I’ll just cut to the chase: We didn’t leave the ER until 11 o’clock that night and they still couldn’t tell me what’s wrong with Amber. Although we had fun reading the nurses computer entries on other people (Hey, she shouldn’t have left the screen active) and spending time together – it was a long, frustrating night especially when I ran out of formula for the baby who screamed all the way home. (Yes, I didn’t seem to grab enough stuff for the baby. Besides too little formula I also didn’t have a blanket. Okay, cut me some slack. Remember, I had been out with her all day the day before so I hadn’t had a chance to replenish the stash.)

Speed Washing and a Growing TO-DO List … Sunday, Sept. 16
Although I had planned on going to church it wasn’t possible with a sick teenager and little sleep under my belt. I rushed around washing and putting away all the laundry that was supposed to get done the day before. (I think I washed about 10 loads.) I fixed meals, snacks, bottles… oh, you know the list… and checked in with Amber.

Even though I was able to check some things off the list it just kept growing. It started as a one-column list then before I knew it there were two columns. Well, the things Amber normally does had to be done as well as everything I was going to do on Friday and Saturday. So, I’m back to Sunday night with not much accomplished and an even bigger feeling of dread about the coming Monday.

Now I’m halfway through Monday and I’m not feeling optimistic about today’s list. I have about two hours to go before I have to pick up the two middle children, but the youngest and oldest are here. And, as I glance over to look at my list, I don’t see one thing crossed off. Could it be because I finished yesterday’s list before I started on today’s?! AARGH!!

And so begins my week…
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