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Monday, December 17, 2007

A triumph, a setback

My health and weigh loss journal

I thought I would share this quick nugget before I turn in. (Oh, but before I do, thanks to everyone for the encouragement and support).

If you remember I was trying to wean the baby from breastfeeding at night so I can begin taking medications for the fibromyalgia and stuff! Well, it's been about four nights since she's nursed last so that is DONE! I am so proud of her -- and myself --although I don't want to shout about it too loudly because the anti-sleep gnomes may hear me and decide to cause her to wake up repeatedly tonight.

Although she sometimes whines or cries, she's getting pretty good at putting herself back to sleep! I'd say that's a major accomplishment that happened so much quicker than I expected it.

Since I couldn't take the pain (and the other symptoms) any longer I decided to go ahead and start taking the medication yesterday (Sunday). The setback is that the drowsiness and dizziness that occur is so unbearable I'm going to have to call the doctor to see if there's another alternative.

I would have called him today, but I couldn't even stay awake. I started falling asleep after I dropped three of the children off. I came back home and, after giving the baby her bottled, I was sitting on the couch trying to muster the energy to rise when I started to fall asleep. Now, anyone who knows me well knows that no matter how tired I am I can't just fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Well, the hat dropped!

So I lean back on the couch and within minutes I'm asleep. At least until the baby starts to whine. I put her in her walker. Fall asleep. She whines. I lay her on the floor. Fall asleep. She whines. I lay on the floor with her; fall asleep. More whining. I put her in the swing, but it's one of those that you have to wind up so I'm halfway staying awake ... no, really I was sleep!

When I wake up she's asleep and the swing has stopped (normally stops within about 15 minutes) so I move her to the bassinet so I can get in the bed. She whines. SIGH! I put her in the bed with me. By this time it's about 1:00. We'd gotten home around 11:30... oh, I had also managed to eat lunch within that time frame. So, I don't get up until about 3:15.

Why in the world would a doctor prescribe three medicines that all cause drowsiness and/or sleepiness when one of my major complaints is exhaustion!? Oh well. So I didn't take the second dose of medicine today because I'm still drowsy from the first dose that I took around 9 a.m. this morning.
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