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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sleepy Eyes

I feel like I'm just sitting at my desk spinning my wheels. I am so tired and sleepy. I don't feel well so it's hard to concentrate and be productive. On Tuesday night I got a few hours sleep, but on Monday night I kept being awakened by one kid or another. Last night, I was awakened several times by the baby and once by the 2-year-old who had to get up and tell me her nose was running. She went on her own, got a tissue, blew her nose and went back to bed. I didn't discover until this morning that she'd actually had a nose bleed. She's often nonchalant about stuff like that, but in my not-feeling-good-too-sleepy mode, I missed it.

I have 10 minutes left before I have to leave and pick up the two middle children. So, I'm torn about what to do in 10 minutes. I haven't got anything completed today. By the time the kids were picked up for daycare, I had to leave straightaway to get the teenager from school for a doctor's appointment. Afterward we stopped at Toys R Us to pick up a Christmas gift for one of the younger kids. (I'm trying to shop gradually when I have a little bit of change -- that's a phrase my mother uses...)

We get lunch and by the time we're finished it's 3:30. The baby is tired so it takes me 30 minutes to get her situated. Now, about an hour and a half later, I have nothing to show for my day. Not even a good post because I feel like I'm rambling! :-)

Well, I guess I got something out of it: Took a child to the doctor, picked up a gift, ate lunch... uh, ate breakfast, fed the baby and got everyone dressed without yelling at anyone... checked my email (that's never done!) and... uh, oh well! At least I don't have to cook. Leftovers for everyone!

Hopefully I'll get to PPP, Smorty, memes and such before the end of the day. Or maybe I'll get another cup of tea and nurse my cold, flu, sinuses (don't know I just feel awful!) and call it a day!
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