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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sleep Number Beds

About four years ago we purchased a king-sized, pillow top mattress that was guaranteed to provide the ultimate in sleep comfort, but I’ve been checking out the Sleep Number Bed at and I think it may be the best choice. The Sleep Number beds allow you to adjust the overall firmness or softness of the mattress from 0-99 so you can find the ideal combination of comfort and support.

It has a Digital Numeric Inflation System (available with all the beds) that allows you to make your adjustments with the push of a button. Single? You can adjust the entire bed. Married? There are mattresses that allow you to adjust each side separately.

What could be better than an air mattress that allows you to set it to your specifications whenever you want?

Other features include air chambers that use a cross baffled design (both horizontal and vertical) to create square pockets of air that provide consistent comfort and support from head to toe. The foundation of the bed, although similar to a box spring, provides a complete firm and flat support layer that contours to the body. And if any of this doesn’t work out, provides up to a 20-year warranty: They warrant that your mattress and/or foundation will be free from defects in material and workmanship for up to 20 years from the original purchase date. They will also repair or replace your mattress – for free! – for up to five years after the purchase.

Get some sleep!

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