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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Just a little people watching

This morning I was just doing my thing... driving, talking to Amber, listening to music, glancing in the mirror when what do my eyes spy: The man driving behind me was holding up a newspaper to block the sun. I say to Amber, "His visor must be broken." And tell her about the guy behind us. She was looking in the vanity mirror so she glanced back and kind of chuckles.

"He must be really bothered by the sun." I say... still glancing.

We get to a stoplight and I proceed to make jokes about the guy (you know, just being silly) when my voyeurism catches him DIGGING up his nose. It wasn't a little scratch or a slight touch. He dug for the gold and then... you're not going to believe this... stuck his finger in his mouth and picked off whatever came out of his nose!

"Amber!" I said loudly, while laughing, slightly scaring her and gasping at the same time. "That man is digging up his nose.... Oh my gosh!! He just put it in his mouth!"

Well you can imagine the laughs and jokes we had about that.

Amber's response: If you gonna do it; everyone knows not to do it in public! LOL.
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