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Monday, December 3, 2007

Holiday Gift Guide - 22 days 'til Christmas

The chocolates have it!

Most of you know how I feel about chocolate. Well, I recently became privy to the best holiday chocolate EVER! (Don’t worry I haven’t had any since I found out that my cholesterol is high.) It is from Harry & David™, a company that is offering some excellent 2007 Holiday Exclusive Gifts!

The sample I had was their new Mint Chocolates Collection, which is made of pure mint oils and the richest mint chocolate. When I tasted one for the first time I was absolutely blown away and I’ve been melting to tell you about it ever since!

I’m sure the other exclusive gift offers are just as delectable: there’s the chocolate pumpkin cheesecake, caramels & nut clusters, a fondue set and dark chocolate hazelnut crepe cake. And that's not all. If you want something a little more in the holiday spirit, try the gingerbread cookie tree, eight nights of Hanukkah or the snowman cake. All that is just a few of the items offered.

To order, for yourself or that special someone in your life, check out When your product arrives, let me know what you think – I’m sure you’ll be blown away.
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