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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Does my light shine?

Quite a few days ago (Monday the 10th) I was reading Our Daily Bread. The devotional for that day was called "Be A Star" by Julie Ackerman Link. I won't go into every single detail of the entry, but the final paragraph read: "By turning others to righteousness, we, like Daniel, can become a star that will shine forever." (The scripture reference is Matthew 2:1-12.)

As I read that I wondered if I am a star. Unfortunately, I remember a time period when I felt like my life and how I carried myself was representative of that star. I thought my light shined. But can I say that now?

Don't get me wrong; I don't act out or do anything outrageous, but I haven't -- as of late -- shared my belief in Jesus, talked to anyone about salvation, encouraged anyone in a godly manner or shared any testimonies. In fact, I was wondering if darkness showed on a day when I inadvertently hurt someone's feelings. (They didn't say, but you know how you get that gut feeling? That discernment?)

I was thinking that I probably need... well, I know I need to work on my relationship with God. It's unfortunate that my current life's circumstances have affected me in such a way that has not turned me away, but has shielded and shadowed my view.

This Christmas season as we give out gifts, eat well at holiday meals and celebrate; I hope that we will also remember to let our light shine for the true meaning of this season. Hmmm, I should take my own advice!
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