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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Update on the teenager

My sweetie Amber is still home from school. She tried going last week on Wednesday and came home looking like she had been beaten up. On Thursday she tried again and had to call me to pick her up early (it wasn't even 10:30 yet) because she felt so bad. I called her GI, explained the situation and they gave her out-of-school extension until at least November 8 when she has an appointment.

The concern, for both of us, has been the amount of work she's been getting behind on. Just the knowledge for this AP and Honors student has been stressful. So, she's been working with the homebound teacher and they've gotten quite a bit of work done in the two visits she's had. And I signed her up for a tutor! The only somewhat negative thing was she had to drop AP History. If you know anything about that class, you know it's a college level class. She barely made it out of the other one last year with her dignity -- and a good grade. Missing six weeks of that class is like missing eight weeks. So the homebound teacher had her drop that class and get in regular history, which will be easy for her and she'll get a passing grade. She'll be taking that class virtually and to replace the AP class during school hours she'll have office duty or something like that and be able to do her school work while she's doing that.

Even though it'll be a struggle, it looks promising that Amber will pass the first semester of her 11th grade year!! Woo hoo!!
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