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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Two wonderful awards!

My friend Tammy at Mom Knows Everything (Tammy, have I ever told you how much I love the name of your blog?) honored me with two wonderful and beautiful awards. One is the Wonder Woman Award...

And the other is the Community Blogger Award...

I never pass on awards -- terrible I know, but I'm going to this time: I'd like to give the Community Blogger Award to Bradley at The Egel Nest (if he hasn't already gotten it! I didn't see it on his blog.) Like Tammy (and Carrie at Rantings of a Woman), Bradley has really been a good friend and embraced me in the community. (I woulda given you the Wonder Woman Award, but it didn't seem appropriate! LOL)

(BTW: The mortgage thing worked out for this month, but I'm really going to have to try harder to get a full-time gig or steady writing assignments. Life is getting more and more sparse the longer the separation goes on.)

So... Thanks again Tammy and congratulations Bradley!
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