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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Time for me

A couple of my RLFs often ask me if I've taken time for myself... usually the answer is no or I go into a long list of things that I've been doing or that I need to do. Well, today -- I believe -- is a turning point. Last week I promised my friend Larry(excuse me, Lawrence) in Bermuda that I will schedule time for myself this week.

I'm happy to report that I started today with a little "me time" by going to church alone. You may not understand how this would be "me time" when I'm sitting in a sanctuary surrounded by thousands of people, but let me explain... The treat and me-ness of it all comes in like this: I didn't have to pack diapers, bottles, wipes, extra clothes, etc.,... I was able to get dressed and out of the house in record time, eat my a.m. snacks in peace while I listened to gospel music (I even enjoyed a song I used to hear a lot while growing up and I belted it out loudly without one person rolling their eyes, making faces or asking me questions. OR, for that matter, crying while I'm singing and driving). I drove in musical silence. You know what I mean: No one interrupts the song you're listening to.

While in the service I was able to focus -- somewhat -- on what the speaker (we had a guest today) was saying. I wasn't distracted by keeping a baby quieted or whispering to other children. I got my "spiritual food" without interruption... well, besides the lady who was sitting next to me, invading my space and nudging me with her arm.

And, because I was child free, I was able to leave the sanctuary -- no stops to the bathroom to change diapers or whatever -- and mosey around as I saw fit. I didn't have to make arrangements to meet up with the people I was riding with. I stood and talked without struggling to hold a squirming child. I didn't have to carry a diaper bag, purse and bible while balancing a baby.

It was wonderful! Then afterwards I stopped over a friend's home. She was surprised to see me alone and I spent a delightful hour sipping coffee and chatting.

It felt good to get spiritually fed. (I'll admit that I haven't been to church in awhile.) And it felt good to do it for myself.

Now, what am I going to do next?
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