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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Therapy, counseling... life coach?

I feel comfortable bringing this out into the open... baring my soul and heart: I need counseling! Now, don't laugh. In a day and age when getting therapy and having a life coach are the in thing, I believe this is a great way to go. Think about it. I could get a little me time, vent, talk about people and cry without fear of criticism. Well, at least I hope the therapist, counselor, life coach, whoever wouldn't criticize -- that would kind of ruin the moment.

And, in the process of all my selfish reasons for wanting to do this, I may even work on some of my real issues. Uh, I'm definitely not going to tell you my real issues -- that's enough of baring my soul.

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  1. I think everyone needs to have someone they can talk to. We need to let our feelings out, nothing good comes from holding in our emotions, thoughts. Let it out girl.....



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