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Monday, November 26, 2007

Relaxation regrets

Oftentimes my friends and family ask me if I've taken any time to relax or nap. Normally my answer is: "Uh... no!" And then I go into a list of things that I've been doing to prove that I don't have time to rest and relax.

Well, you'll be proud to know, that on Saturday I took it easy. The two middle children went with their dad on Friday (he also took the baby for several hours the same day) so when I didn't have to jump up on Saturday morning to do anything for anyone. I laid in the bed with the baby until about 11 a.m., took my time getting to the kitchen to fix myself breakfast and ignored the laundry that needed to be put away. I decided instead to just take care of the baby and hang out with the teenager. We watched t.v., read, chatted and vegged.

By the end of the day I felt good about my day. Then at about 10 p.m. I learned that the two middle children would return on Sunday four hours earlier than I expected them. I'm a planner so I had already planned out what I would do on Sunday and, of course, Saturday was already gone.

I immediately felt regret and dread for all that I didn't get done. I beat myself up for not doing more housework, freelance work, job searching, laundry... you name it and it crossed my mind that it wasn't done. I went from feeling great about my day to feeling tense and foreboding about the day to come.

Now I feel justified in my lament that I don't have time to relax.
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