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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Personalized holiday gifts

There are only three more days until I start my favorite gifts list, which will be a gift guide that everyone can use. I’ve combed the globe far and wide to find these great finds for you! No, just kidding. I’ve just come across some great stuff that I think you’ll enjoy hearing about and possibly giving as a gift this holiday season. BUT I couldn’t wait until Saturday to start because I came across the perfect personalized holiday gift.

Personalized flash drives!

In today’s supper technological world this is the perfect gift. This USB flash drive is portable storage in an ultra-small, personalized, durable thumb drive, which comes in 14 colors with free custom laser engraving and security software.

The Store-It Thumb drive allows you to take your important information as well as your personal data with you wherever you ago and that alone makes it a great gift for anyone on your list. Make it personal with one of 32 themes including snowflakes, happy holidays, thank you and more to engrave on the front. And, you can include two lines of custom text on the back.

Consider the possibilities: Store pictures of the grandkids for your mom, give one to your new college student to keep them organized or give it to your loved one and fill it with love notes.
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