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Friday, November 16, 2007

Me & my birthday!

When I tell someone I'm going to do something and I don't; it haunts me until I do. So, if you remember (two months ago) I said I would share some of my birthday goings on with you.

On September 20 I hit a fairly momentus age: 39. To me it's momentus because it's the last year of my 30s and, next year, I will officially enter my 40s. Well, for some reason, I didn't get all the pictures uploaded so you only get two.

This is what I looked like on that day. I guess I should say this is my hair on that day because I know I still look the same.

The daycare provider who watches the 2 year old and the 4 year old watched the baby that day so I got up that morning and put on a cute little skirt and some makeup ! I happily dropped three of the four children at the sitter's place, left the teenager at home and went on my merry way.

I felt such freedom. Although I had to stop and take care of some medical stuff for the kids, I was able to go out to lunch. (My husband took me out to lunch and we had a great time! That's another story. Despite the difficulties in my homelife/relationship right now; there are times -- however few -- when we can be friends and enjoy ourselves.) Then we did a little shopping. Now what girl doesn't like eating and shopping on her birthday?

My husband gave me a card, a bouquet of flowers (I had a wonderful shot of those flower, but it didn't transfer right!) and a card... uh, I hope I didn't forget anything. A very good childhood (or I guess I should say teenage) friend of mine sent me a beautiful arrangement of roses and tulips. And I think I got a little bit of cash. (I guess the memory starts to go at 39 because that's all I can remember.)

It's nice to know -- and be able to share -- that despite the difficulties (separation, sickness, lack of sleep, financial woes), I've had at least one great day in the midst!
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