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Sunday, November 18, 2007

I guess the "me time" I was able to take gave me a little extra energy because I was able to get a couple of things completed that required a little energy. I cleaned out the tub/shower, gathered up a bunch of trash (inside, front yard, deck) and loaded it into the van as well as used the leaf blower to get most of the leaves into a pile for gathering later.

While I was outside I kept smelling something. The extension cord on the blower smelled a little funny, but I don't think that is what kept causing the smell offense. Then I was near the van and smelled it again so I thought it was the van or the trash in it. Every once in awhile a pungent fragrance would reach my nose, but I couldn't put my finger on what it was.

I took the trash out, ran to the store to get outdoor bags and AA batteries, got home and finished a couple other things including kidding around with the teenager. I welcomed the middle children home, had to give a quick spanking, fixed snacks, gave baths... just regular stuff.

Then I go into my room and pick up two pair of shoes that I had left near the door. The plan was to put them in the closet when all of a sudden I clearly got a whiff of something. I turned one of the shoes over and saw a little brown something on the tip. Why oh why did I put my nose closer and take a gigantic sniff of dog poo!!

Ewwuuu! Is all I have to say!
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