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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

'He's coming back...'

For a little less than a week my 4-year-old son has stated, in quite a matter fact manner, that, "Daddy is coming back." His face is clear and pleasant; his eyes sure and hopeful. It isn't a question; it is a definite statement.

I'm not sure if his declarations are from the discerning, spiritual prophet he has shown himself to be or the young boy who just wants his daddy home. Either way, whatever happens, (we -- my husband and I -- are working through the process to find the answer), I hope my beautiful son isn't disappointed and all his dreams comes true.


  1. As a father of a boy I know that a son needs his father involved in his life. BUT, since i am not with my son's mother it has become more important that I maintain my realtionship with my son. I say this to say that a boy needs a fathers influence in his life, but it does not mean that his father has to be under the same roof with him to maintain his influence over him. I have always felt that a woman can raise their children to be good people, but, as was said on 'Boys in the Hood' a woman cannot show a boy how to be a man.
    Hopefully your son can continue to enjoy his relationship with his father regardless of your decision. And as a frined I hope that the decision you make with your husband is not based on the sole purpose of making your children happy to have mom and dad together, but based on mom and dad being happy and in love with each other. L

  2. I hope everything works out for the best and that you are happy. My father-in-law told me once "If Momma isn't happy, than nobody is happy."

  3. I am sure you guys will do what's best for everyone. Find the happiness you deserve, you're a great mother and your kids will love you no matter what happens.

    take care


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