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Monday, November 5, 2007

Friend or acquaintance?

One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about blogging is the friends. I never thought that I would establish any true relationships through my blog, but I am happy to say that there are quite a few of you who I consider friends. I’ve found my blogger friends to be great “listeners,” reliable and caring.

I’m learning that I have few real-life friends and that I should not use the word friend so loosely (in real life). For instance, when my teenager first went into the hospital I later found out that someone who calls themselves my friend found out from someone else that she was there. That person never (not that day, the next day or even the next day…. As a matter of fact, almost a week passed before I heard from them) called to see how she or I was doing. They never called (texted, emailed, whatever) to say I’m thinking about you and I hope everything is okay. I understand that everyone has their own life and are busy, but – in my opinion – when you say someone is your friend… well, you know.

So, as I get to a certain point/age in my life, I realize that having true friends is a gift. (And being a true friend is a greater gift.) How do you know if you’re being a good friend? Do you have a lot of friends or a small group of close friends?


  1. I have met some really great friends from blogging. We have gone on trips together and had wonderful times. I found them in a time when I needed them most.

    So my blogger friends have become my IRL friends as well

  2. hi there. thank goodness for the internet cause i have me some wonderful blogger friends. i have cut off more IRL friends than i care to admit.



  3. A true friend is a great gift. I have met so many people through blogging and I would have to say that I have more blogging friends than I have in real life. I do move around a lot and this makes it harder to keep in contact with them (on their part)but you guys I can take you where ever I go....
    you are truly the best.

    thank you Petula for you blogging friendship...I am always thinking of you and your family and wish you the best :0)


  4. It can be so heartbreaking when "friends" let us down. On the other hand, it shows us who the truly precious ones are. I have found blogging to be such a wonderful way to find a new community, and I am glad to hear that you have found that, as well. I look forward to visiting again soon!

  5. I have been bleesed to have met some really great folks whom have become my friends. I figured out recently that I have a rather large set of "real" friends(around 6 or seven).Most of them I've been friends with for over 15 years. I'd say put your self in the other persons shoes. Would you call you a true friend? if you can then you may be a good friend.


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