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Sunday, November 11, 2007

EarthFrisk – a way cool place to network

I know there are a lot of community sites out there and sometimes it can get overwhelming, but I’ve found a site that has social bookmarking with social media and social networking – EarthFrisk – which is absolutely addicting. I signed on to review the site, but got caught up in looking at who’s involved and what’s going on.

Besides the social networking and everything going on, EarthFrisk is hosting a contest where bloggers and other members can make money. The contest, which ends on November 19th (hurry and enter/sign up!), has a first place prize of $2,000 for the person with the largest network of friends and members. The first place prize also includes six months of virtual office services, which is courtesy of The Successful Office Group.

The second place prize is $750 and three months of virtual office services. Someone will also be named Frisk King or Queen for the most submissions with an award of $500 and two months of virtual office services for first place and $250 and one month of free virtual office service for the second place winner. There are also two other categories to enter: comment king or queen and best original homepage or profile.

After you’ve entered the contest get busy networking, socializing and building your page and profile. The social networking section is brand new and there’s a lot to do. Vote on someone’s content, read great content, check out photos, possibly make a little money and great real services from a call center company.

Check out EarthFrisk today!
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