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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Do all boys whine?

Sometimes it's so hard to deal with my 4-year-old son because he whines -- and often cries -- about the least little thing. His 2-year-old sister (3 in a couple of months) knows this and will instigate this, which often makes the whole thing much worse.

Take this conversation for instance:

Andre: Mareah, look, there's my truck.
Amareah: No, that's a car.
Andre: (a little louder) It's a truck.
Amareah: No, it's a car.
Andre: (getting frantic) A TRUCK!
Amareah: (still calm) A car.
Andre: (yelling and crying) NO, IT'S A TRUCK. MOMMY MAREAH SAYS IT'S A CAR. IT'S A TRUCK!!!!

No matter how often I tell him to not let his sister get to him or not to let her get him mad; he still gets upset. No matter how many times I tell Amareah to stop making her brother mad, she still does it.

And then the whining starts. At first it sounds like there's a puppy outside of the door. Then it starts to get louder and I look and see the tears welling up in his eyes. He starts to rub his eyes and begins the "whine talk." Needless to say that's soooo grinding on the nerves.

I know children whine, but it seems like my son whines so much more than the girls ever did. (The jury is still out on the 5 month old.)

Do your sons whine a lot?
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