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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Attack of the spiders!

My home is being attacked by bugs. Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration... last night just as I was about to get the two middle children ready for bed a spider with very long legs (looked like a Daddy Long Legs but not) scurried across the living room floor. Less than 10 minutes later in the bathroom, a similar spider that was much smaller slid down the wall.

This morning as I was combing the 2 year old's hair, she kept trying to tell me something and show me something that I didn't see. Well, turns out there was a tiny spider hiding inside of the baby's walker.

(Sorry, bug lovers, but all the spiders were terminated!)

I really dislike bugs. I've never adjusted to Georgia's gigantic water bugs (Where I'm from water bugs are called "silver fish" and they're small - almost cute). I can't stand the gnats that can infest an area in minutes... and spiders just give me the itches.

But as I thought about the spiders some more I wondered if there is a message or reason behind their sudden infestation. (I've recently been watching Montel and he's been talking about ghosts, spirits, etc.) So I did a little research on spiders and what some people believe are their true meanings and/or purpose.

I discovered, according to Global Psychics, "Spiders can also be a totem about creativity. Writing especially. Webs symbolize that you are the creator of your reality/world just like the spider. Think about what you are creating in your reality. What we think about/put focus on is what we attract through the Law of Attraction. Do you like what you are creating in your world? If not, put your attention on what you want not what you don't. What is your heart's desire?"

Now, instead of dreading the spiders invading my space, I'm going to... oh, who am I kidding? Although it's interesting what the psychics have to say -- spiders are still bugs invading my space. Squash! is all that's left to say!
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