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Sunday, November 11, 2007

75-cent air

For a little more than a week I had my eye on the front right tire of my minivan. It looked a little low on air, but I couldn’t really tell. But one morning when I went out to get in the van it was obvious that the air was low and I went (semi) directly to a gas station to get some air for my tire.

The first two gas stations didn’t even have air pumps and when I finally found one that did I was shocked that it cost 75 cents! I remember when I could pull up to a gas station and tell an attendant that I needed gas, air, my oil checked and whatever else needed to be done. Now, not only do I have to pump my own gas, but I have to pay for air! Air?!

I also remember when getting air was free then it went to 25 cents, then 50 and now 75 cents. Does it seem a little silly to pay for something like that? And, to me, it seems outrageous to pay almost $1.00 for air. I think I’m gonna do some research on how I can bottle my own compressed air. Hey, it’s free… uh, right?
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