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Monday, October 15, 2007

Why do you blog?

I realize that my reasons for blogging have changed. Well, maybe not changed but at least adjusted some. I started another blog quite some time ago that's entitled Single & Celibate (You probably see the link to it when you visit mt profile.) and the reason I started that one was to simply spread the word about something I believe in.

When I came up with the idea for "It's a woman's world!" I wanted to do something that's fun and that really had to do with who I am. As I learned more about blogging through reading others' blogs and doing some research, I found out that there is money to be made while doing it. It was like an eureka! moment for me. "I can make money doing something I absolutely love to do and still be available for my children!" The icing on the cake came when I realized that I can also meet wonderful people.

So, why do you blog? What was your motivation? And why do you continue to blog?



  1. I blog because I like to share my life with others...I like to learn and laugh at other people's stories...

    But I initially started as a communication post for my family and a place to put pictures for relatives from out of town. It has CERTAINLY evolved!

    The Egel Nest

  2. My friend Kim got me started with blogging, she was doing it for the extra income and I was really impressed with the amount she could make while being able to stay at home...Well this is great for me and yes I am making money but the love of blogging and spread, I am enjoying meeting new people (like you) and sharing my thoughts with others and since I live so far away from my family I have a great family blog to keep them updated on our busy lives...

    Most importantly I AM HAVING FUN!

    take care :0)


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