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Friday, October 12, 2007

My baby is finally home!!

This is Amber earlier this year modeling a dress she bought while on a field trip in NYC.

I brought Amber home from the hospital today!! Thanks to all who have expressed concern: Tammy, Carrie, Frankie, Lewis, Bradley... and if there's anyone else please know that my brain is just tired!

She is still on the mend and will be out of school for at least another week. She is weak and still in pain, but her pain seems to be slightly less. She has six different medicines to take at varying times during the day so I'm working hard to make sure she takes what she's supposed to at the time she's supposed to.

I read up on some of the medicines and about four of them cause pain so I'm hoping and praying that when she's finished with the treatment all of her pain will be completely gone. (The field of medicine can be so crazy -- for lack of a better word -- because the medicines that are supposed to make her feel better make her feel worse.)

She'll follow up with the GI in about three weeks. She'll have a homebound teacher for about a week and I'm hoping the teacher will help to get her all caught up. But, besides all of that, I'm just relieved to have her at home. Now I really jump into mommy mode!

Thanks again for everyone's prayers, love and concern.
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