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Monday, October 22, 2007

And it all spewed forth!

Despite the uncertain nature of having four children, I had grandiose ideas of everything I was going to do today… uh, I mean yesterday (Sunday). My list consisted of putting all of the laundry away, organizing the children’s toys and putting them in the storage containers, straightening the living room, washing and putting away the dishes and cleaning and straightening my bedroom as well as writing several posts, going through the mail and cleaning off my desk.

The day started off pretty much as planned. I was able to sleep a little late – well, if you call 9 a.m. late when you don’t get to bed until 2 a.m. and the baby slept in. I know I should have woke her up, but I wasn’t feeling 100 percent when I got up so I decided to enjoy some baby-free time while I ate breakfast and took a morning quiet-time break. Before I made it to the kitchen, Andre the now big-time, 4-year-old reminded me he needed batteries for a toy he got for his birthday, which was Saturday. I did a little complaining while mentally checking every crevice in the house searching for eight AA batteries (I discovered there was another toy with a remote, which also needed batteries). So I run to the store (might as well get diapers while I’m there) and skip the big breakfast I planned.

By the time Amber and I pried the back off the toy (the manufacturers put the wrong type of screw in it) it was time to get on with my day.

1. Lunch made – check
2. Medicine administered – check (Andre is complaining of a headache and he and Amareah are both coughing)
3. Kids napping – check
4. Toys organized – check
5. Living room straightened – half check
6. TV watched – check (okay, so that wasn’t on the list, but Amber and I enjoy watching TV. together so I do that in between whatever I’m doing)
7. Played with kids – half check (sitting on the couch and pointing/directing isn’t exactly playing)
8. Dinner – check
9. Dessert – check (have to have leftover birthday cake)
10. More play – check (well, them not me)
11. Laundry folding, putting away – check, check
12. Bedtime – check (with big resistance)

Then my list takes a nasty turn just when I was about to get to the very nasty kitchen. It goes a little like this:

1. Baby not sleeping (by now it’s about 9:30 p.m.)
2. Feed baby
3. Wash dishes
4. Child throws up
5. Clean up, bathe child
6. Wash down bed, put sheets in washer (THANK YOU AMBER!)
7. Get child dressed
8. Soothe child, settle child on loveseat
9. Back to dishes
10. Baby cries, take out of swing
11. Settle on couch with baby
12. Baby dozes off (after 45 minutes)
13. Child throws up AGAIN!!!
14. Baby wakes up
15. Clean up child, clean off couch
16. Finally get child to bed (THANK YOU AMBER!!)
17. Settle on couch with baby and breastfeed AGAIN!
18. 45 minutes later… Baby is in bassinet

It’s now 3:54 a.m. and I’m starring at this screen wondering if it all makes sense and thinking about the rest of the dishes in the sink. The additional laundry there is to put away and how much sleep I’m not going to get. Amidst that is how do I keep the other children from getting sick and my subliminal messages to myself not to be disappointed that I didn’t finish everything that needs to be done.

Hmmm, there’s a pattern here (didn’t I just complain about this last weekend?!). Maybe I should just trash the "to do" list. But there must be something to it. I mean on “John and Kate plus 8” she has tons of lists and to dos and everything seems so organized, clean and finished. If she can do it with eight children I’m sure I can catch up with four.

I have now tired of jumping up from my seat to see if anyone is awake or crying so I guess I’ll try to get to sleep while I can. There’s always tomorrow. I’ll just get up and try to finish the kitchen tomorrow morning (it’s a little bit of a bummer because I like to start off the week with everything in order). At least – so far – tomorrow’s list is short so I should be able to finish. Well, unless I’m just too tired and since one additional child will be home I better not get too attached to that list either.

Aww, the joys of being a mom…

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