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Saturday, October 27, 2007

All moms should be skinny, in shape

Let’s face it, for most moms when their feet hit the floor they’re running nonstop until it’s time to lay head to pillow again that night. Or, if you’re not quite that lucky, your head will hit the pillow sometime in the early a.m.

From my perspective, a mom of four children, I think I should be skinny and in shape. Not the newly chunky (some call “thick”) woman that I see looking back at me from the mirror. I came upon this realization when I was standing in front of the sink washing dishes and I was sweating! It dawned on me that sweating was a good sign (well, not really when you’re just washing dishes…); but it meant that I was burning calories. Yeah!

So I figure that if I move at an even faster pace throughout my day, I should be svelte in no time. (Come on, don’t you think that will work?) I know experts say that a nutritious diet and regular exercise will keep one at an ideal, healthy weight. I’ve come up with my own “scientific” evidence: a kind of nutritious diet and regular, fast-paced activity WILL (speak it into existence) lead to a healthy and ideal weight.

Take today, for instance, I had to do a marathon laundry-washing session to get the kids’ clothes ready for when their dad picked them up. I had to make bottles for the baby and fix her cereal while I made breakfast for the toddler and pre-schooler. Only about an hour and a half later I had finished three loads of laundry, cleaned up and dressed two children, made meals for five people (all different meals) and got myself dressed. After the children left, I jumped in the van to pick up a bookcase and when I returned home rushed it into the house (working biceps and upper back) and rushed back out to make a delivery and get a few things at the store. I think I got about 30 things and it only took 30 minutes – that’s one item per minute. When I returned home I picked up as many bags at once as possible and bench-pressed the 25 pack of water and rushed it into the house! Hey, that’s some calories, right?

I could review some other busier days, but you get the point. So, moms (dads can participate too!) try going into hyper drive to get everything accomplished each day. Maybe you’ll get things finished sooner and lose weight and stay in shape at the same time.

BTW: If you try this you agree that I will not be held accountable for any injuries or exhaustion that results! :-)
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