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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Relapse & another ER visit

Much to my dismay Amber came home from school on Monday feeling worse. She went to school on Tuesday and before I left the house to take the other children to daycare, I text messaged her to see if she was okay. She responded: “Can you come get me?”

I asked her if she could wait 30 to 45 minutes and if not I would come immediately. She said she could wait, but before I left the house I got a call from the school office saying she needed to be picked up immediately because she was crying and in pain.

I scooped up the other three children as quickly as possible and went to the high school. Amber was crying, her face was puffy and she seemed a little lethargic. Once we got into the van she told me her head hurt really badly and her stomach hurt worse than it did before she started the medication.

Earlier when I was on the phone with the school, the pediatrician’s office had called. There’s a nurse there that is sooooo helpful and friendly so she held on while I talked to the school. We initially decided for her to call the GI’s office to see if they could see her immediately, but when I spoke with Amber I called her back and we decided for her to go to the emergency room at the children’s hospital.

When we arrived, and after I had given them the history, Amber told them her stomach pain and head pain were both a “10.” They gave her morphine and an anti-nausea drug, put her on an hour of IV fluids and ordered an x-ray.

The x-ray was normal and the morphine helped her headache right away and reduced the stomach pain. They sent us home with the anti-nausea medicine (to add to the other three she’s on) and orders to take Tylenol (up to three) for pain. She was also instructed to stay home today and rest. And I have to follow up with the GI and see if they can see her sooner than her Oct. 11 appointment.

It was a little scary for me (and Amber!) because she said she felt worse than before she started the medication. Unfortunately the side effects of the medicine can cause the same symptoms as the bacteria so I’m sure she feels pretty crappy. The appointment with the GI will determine whether the bacteria have caused the ulcers and if the ulcers have caused any damage to her stomach.

This has been such an exhausting week and a half, but I’m hoping things will get better for Amber as she continues to take her medicine…


  1. Thanks for stopping by.

    Yikes, poor thing. I have had ulcers (stress induced) and they are not fun. I hope that she gets better soon.

  2. I haven't been on your site for a bit things are crazy with hubby out of town...
    It is some hard to see your child in pain isn't it...I hope the pain doesn't last long and she is feeling back to her self in no time. I will Keep her in my prayers.
    take care

  3. ...quite the adventure. we hvn't talked in a while. however, it goes without saying that i'm here. keep me posted on Amber. interesting blog btw. may hv 2 come up with a man's world. lol ;~) ttyl

  4. I hope she feels better soon and they figure this thing out. Take Care!

  5. Sorry to hear Amber is still ill. My prayers are with y'all


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