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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oh Happy birthDAY!

I awoke this morning in good spirits and did the same thing I do every year: I opened my eyes, looked at the ceiling and tried to see if anything felt different. It didn’t… it doesn’t. Now I am 39 years old and the only thing that’s different is how I look in the mirror. A lot of people compliment me and say I look young, but – of course – I look in the mirror and I see all the changes.

I think I’ve come to terms with the changes and can live with the developing wrinkles, emerging gray hairs and enlarged pores – there are bunches of products to conceal and reduce these problem areas. And I think I can adjust to the dark circles that seem to have taken up permanent residence under my eyes. (Later I’ll have to tell you about the wonderful products offered by Sheer Coverage.) The thing I’m having the most trouble adjusting to is the additional weight, but I didn’t really think about that (much) today.

Today I was as young as I’ve ever been. I smiled more. I felt good about myself. I had fun and I was relaxed. I didn’t worry about anything and I was “present” all day. I didn’t hold complete conversations in my head, I didn’t anticipate what I thought others would say or think and I wasn’t concerned about anything or anyone. It was such a freeing day… and although I am exhausted; I enjoyed it immensely.

What really made it enjoyable was my childlessness. I know it doesn’t seem nice to say, but I had a relatively child-free day and it was definitely much needed. Anna, the baby, went to the daycare with Andre and Amareah and although Amber was home sick from school, I was able to go out and leave her here. Sounds terrible, but she was okay to be alone and had the opportunity to nap and have a little quiet time.

This was the first time I’ve left Anna for this long (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and I felt a little tug as my childcare provider lifted her from the car seat. The feeling, however, passed fairly quickly. :-) I was able to go out to lunch with my husband, (I guess I can tell you more about that later too!) did a little shopping and took care of some medical stuff for Amber.

Sometime tomorrow – or next week (you know how busy things can get) – I’ll load pictures of the flowers I received, the ice cream cake I bought for myself, pictures of myself in the birthday outfit as well as before and after shots of my Sheer Coverage face. For now, this is a peek at me during my younger days… about two weeks ago! LOL.

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