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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Get Paid for Posting

I've already mentioned at least two times that I’m looking for regular (and lucrative!) freelance opportunities or a job, so I was really happy when I noticed a blog marketing link on one of my fellow bloggers … uh, blog. (I think it was Tammy at Mom Knows Everything.) I immediately checked it out, signed up and started posting. Although I haven’t earned a lot of money yet I am really pleased with the program, the PayPerPost site and the ease in which I can take advantage of the paid opportunities.

I love blogging so being a member of PayPerPost allows me to do something that I love to do and get some financial rewards from it. Although it’s fun to do what I love; it makes it even better to get paid to do it.

And getting paid means having money to spend. I’ll do different things with the money I earn: pay bills, treat myself to lunch, buy some panties (GASP!) or simply take care of everyday household expenses. There’s the teenager who needs clothes and things for school; the preschool and toddler need socks and underwear and, of course, they want toys; and the baby ALWAYS needs diapers and such.

If you’re a blogger who needs extra cash just check out PayPerPost. I think you’ll love it just as much as I do.

Happy posting!

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  1. I too get paid for blogging through pay per post. It's great and last month I earned just over $350. I am hoping to earn more once I get my page rank increased.

    Happy Posting!


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