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Monday, September 10, 2007

Dreading Mondays (What’s your least favorite day?)

Normally I try not to complain, but the only thing on my mind right now is how I wish it was still the weekend. By the time Sunday night arrives, I’m in a seriously bad mood thinking about everything that I need to, have to and want to do during the week. Mondays represent increased responsibilities, bills that need to be paid, children that need to go to school and daycare and, most of all, being alone with the baby.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my little ladybug. She is such a sweet baby. She laughs, “talks” and is somewhat interested in things going on around her. She’s normally not a fussy baby and she isn’t demanding, but oh how I long for time without her.

When my husband and I were together I would dread the weekends because everyone would go back to school and work. Now that I have a new baby by myself, I dread everyone going back to school AND being left alone with a little person. There is so much to do and I can’t get it all done. To add to that perfectionist/anal retentive stress there’s the financial pressure.

The financial strains make everything awful. So, as I sit here trying to concentrate on writing this and thinking about everything else I have to do, I also think about how to bring [more] money into the home. (I think I already told you about my job search and freelance/contractual search.)

Well, I have to run, even though I don’t think I finished my thought. Can you guess why? The answer is easy: I have to go because the baby, who has been in her swing for a record amount of time, is calling me. (At least right now she’s just calling out and talking… I notice the swing has stopped swinging so I’m sure she’ll be calling a little louder very soon.)

Before I go: Tell me which day of the week is your least favorite and why. Okay?

Uh… have a great day!
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