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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Laptops are Lovely

The real convenience of having a laptop didn't dawn on me until 1 a.m. this morning when I wanted to check something out, but didn't want to sit at my desk. I grabbed my laptop and tiptoed to my room. Yes, tiptoe because of the four sleeping children and you know they will suddenly awaken when they think you're doing something that they need to interrupt. An-t-way, I stretched out across my bed and propped on a pillow. My first thought was: “Aaahhh, I should do this more often.”

Now, as I sit at the kitchen table finishing up my breakfast and gazing out the window at the beautiful summer day, it again dawned on me how wonderful it is to have a laptop. I’d like to upgrade mine… I need something more powerful and even faster with a lot of memory. As soon as I make some more money with my freelance writing (hey, I need to go work on that now!), I’m going to look into getting one. I think I saw a Wal-Mart commercial where they talked about the computers they sell now. I think they have Dells… you check it out first and let me know!
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