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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Abandoned Blog

I think about this blog everyday. It may not seem like it by looking at the number of posts I have per week, but it’s true. This blog is constantly on my mind. I’m always jotting down notes or titles to remind myself about what I want to write just in case I get a moment to venture into my home office and work on this blog.

Well, I’ve finally made it into the office. After balancing my checkbook, searching for a job, making a couple of phone calls and checking my email I’m finally ready to write my entry for today. But as soon as I open the Word document to begin, my infant who has only been sitting in her bouncy seat for a little less than five minutes, starts to cry out. Let’s see: she’s fed, changed and burped. What could be the problem? Is there another burp lurking in her tummy or irritation that she can’t grab the toys dangling right in front of her?

Or, could it be the extreme spoiled state that she’s reached in less than three months. One of my other daughters, the teenager, has been taking really good care of her when I’m busy, tired or overwhelmed. But that very helpful teenager went back to school yesterday. (11th grade, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.) During the “being taken care of” she was also being held… a lot!

Now, I sit here balancing the baby on my knee in an upright position, to facilitate a burp, and try to type quickly with one hand while ignoring the ever lingering pain in my shoulders and neck. Ah, she burped! But, alas, she doesn’t want to be put down. I walk into the kitchen to heat another bottle and she gets still and quiet. I sit down to type while she eats and she starts to wiggle and whine all the while finding her way to my upper arms where she licks away while holding onto my necklace. Did I mention she’s only 2 ½ months old – 10 weeks to be exact?

Okay, baby balanced on lap is a temporary reprieve as I finish the business at hand: Even though I don’t manage to update my blog on a daily basis or even sometimes weekly, I’m still hoping to gain some sort of following… uh, readership. I mean, if I can take the time to write the blog can someone else take the time to read AND comment on it? That would be so great. Sorry, I got a little irritated right there.

So, be patient with me and know that if you haven’t heard from me in a while I may be burping, bathing, chauffeuring, cooking, washing, yelling, crying, sleeping, changing, driving, writing, working, exercising, watching, reprimanding… oh, you get the point!
Until next time: dance like nobody’s watching! (Who said that?! I mean, besides me.)
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