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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Boobalicious or Boob disaster?

My boobs are coveted. Their presence causes drooling, whining and grabbing… from my 7 week old daughter! While my daughter can’t get enough of the milk housed within my ducts; I am dismayed and disgruntled by the, uh, direction my boobs have taken.

Just the other day I stood in front of the mirror, sans clothes, and was amazed that my boobs actually lay – albeit just slightly – on my ribs. I stood up straighter hoping to lift my once perky milk producers into a position they haven’t seen in years.

I know I’ve heard women talk about this: How age and children change your body – not to mention your boobs – but it’s unsettling to see it happen to me. At two months shy of 39 years and four children my badge of honor are a few stretch marks, a poochy tummy and, sigh, saggy boobs.

Should I relish in the wonder of the lives my body has produced or, take the low road, and focus on the lost body pf my youth? Ah, youth. It’s a place where most of us try to return to, but few of us reach. Those few are dedicated lifestyle changers who exercise, change their eating habits and are committed to maintaining their youth. I’m going to be one of those people – in shape, athletic, tone and healthy. Well, right after I purchase a bra that makes my boobs look in shape, athletic, tone and healthy!
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