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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just the beginning

Welcome to my new blog. That was creative, huh? No, seriously, I just wanted to say hello, welcome and introduce you to this blog. If you’re familiar with my writing then you know I host the blog, Single and Celibate (, which is kind of serious. I’ve started “It’s a woman’s world” to be a little lighthearted. To share the ups and downs of being a woman in today’s world – not your normal, everyday woman, mind you, but the 38-year-old pregnant woman who has two toddlers, a teenager, a stepson, a husband, a home and a freelance writing and editing career that sometimes gets put on the back burner like a bad hobby.

“It’s a woman’s world” is for me to vent, share and entertain. In the process, I’m hoping it will be a spot for all women – single, married, mothers, whoever – to share, comment and unite. This is your world, a woman’s world. Come, relax and enjoy.
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