Thursday, May 14, 2015

Scented candles & jewels, oh yeah #JewelScent

This post contains a couple of links to my JewelScent consultant page; any purchase you make garners me a commission. Rest assured, I will only recommend products that I believe in and you’ll always get my honest opinion. For more information please review my Disclosure Policy.

There are some little things that bring me pleasure: Dark chocolate, vanilla ice cream, flowers, love notes, iced coffee, jewelry and candles. Not necessarily in that order. I’ve taken my love of candles and jewelry to a new level by becoming a JewelScent consultant.

I was drawn to becoming a consultant by the possibility of scoring some candles (with the hidden jewelry) at discounted prices. The main reason, which you may have guessed, is to make extra money. The monetary side of this blogging thing has slowed down for me over the past year or so due to my health challenges and, most recently, my battle with multiple myeloma. So it has become a necessity for me to find ways to make money while I continue to gain endurance that are as stress free as possible.

About JewelScent

CAM00510Within each of the products – every candle, fragrance and soap – is a hidden jewel valued between $10 and $7,500. Some products have a gold token, which means you will get a jewel valued at over $100.  I recently found a token in my Cuban Nights candle and I received a 14k Gold Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Necklace with three diamonds. Not bad from a $24.99 purchase, right?

JewelScent is operated in the U.S. and the products are created in California by skilled artisans. The artisans hand-pour the scents, which sets the company apart from competitors, and the jewelry is sourced through manufacturers from around the world – the same ones that provide for major brand department stores. The candles and wax tarts start with a natural 100 percent soy wax blend that allows the candle to burn smooth and clean.

The fragrant oils used are carefully chosen and blended with luxury, artisan fragrances. And, the reason JewelScent chose rings as the hidden surprise is because “a flame and a ring both evoke passion and eternity.”

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Psyched about looking good, feeling better

Going through cancer treatment is probably one of the most challenging experiences. Besides the fight for your life there are also the little things that become so apparent especially once you’re coming to the end of the treatment. I definitely understand that journey and one of the so called little things that sorta plagued me was losing my hair and being swollen from taking steroids along with my other medicines.

3c4f4003-2a0c-4a75-b9aa-9ab660239705Directly after treatment I would look in the mirror and, honestly, feel a little disgusted. I did not look like myself. When I first started this whole process in December 2013 I learned about a program for female cancer patients called Look Good, Feel Better. Once my treatment ended*, so to speak, I signed up for the two-hour complimentary class that’s available nationwide

During the class, led by Jane (a volunteer beauty professional), we – myself and two other women – learned how to cope with appearance changes as a result of our treatments. We learned tips for skin care, makeup application, wig styling and a trick with a cotton t-shirt to fashion a turban.

We each walked away with a Look Good Feel Better beauty bag filled with donated products from Workshop Category Champion companies as well as companies who donated individual products. A few of the companies are Coty, OPI, Sally Beauty, Estee Lauder, Amway, LancĂ´me, L’Oreal Inc., Elizabeth Arden, Avon Products and quite a few others. We also received a nice booklet with step-by-step instructions to help us – women with cancer – to look good and feel better.

Monday, April 27, 2015

5 times every woman should treat herself*

*Check the end of this post for 5 quick ways to treat yourself

It’s an ongoing topic of conversation about women taking time for themselves or sometimes putting themselves first. I’ve decided to give you some definitive times when you should

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definitely treat yourself. Hopefully this list will make it easier for you to take a moment for yourself.

  1. After a mammogram – The past couple of times I’ve had a mammogram it wasn’t that painful; however last week I thought the woman was having a bad day because she squeezed the heck out of my breasts. I have a high tolerance for pain, but this time I had to grit my teeth and dig my nails into my hands to avoid screaming.
  2. After a visit with the gynecologist – There’s one word you should consider to be convinced you should treat yourself: Violation! Besides the invasion of your lower regions, aren’t you just through with your GYN talking to you while they’re fooling around down there?
  3. When you clean the bathroom – For some reason, no matter what we do, the bathroom your child(ren) use is always gross especially if you have boys. I have a son and I know he’s very neat and particular, but there’s always some sprinkles. (I’m not even gonna talk about men in the home!) Whenever you have to put your face anywhere near the commode you get a treat.
  4. When you’re beating yourself up – Whether you’re disappointed in a weight gain or lack of weight loss, whether you’ve stayed on task and finished your to-do list or not or have just decided to be hard on yourself. Stop yourself in the midst of the negative thoughts, take a deep breath and start thinking about what treat you’re going to use to help you feel better.
  5. During the chance you get a moment alone – It seems like you children, spouse/partner or other family members  are always around making noise, asking questions or just being themselves. But there are times when you cock your head and realize you’re alone and can do whatever you want. Don’t try to get a bit of housework done quickly or work on an assignment or task, instead – every once in awhile – do something special for yourself.

Screenshot_2015-04-27-12-06-37Right now you’re thinking you don’t know what to do for yourself or some other reason that you’ll talk yourself out of taking time for yourself. Let me stop you right there. You must do it: For yourself, your family and your sanity and health. To sway you from excuses here are 5 quick ways to treat yourself.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Stay fresh all day with Carefree Acti-Fresh liners #FreshIsFierce

I received a free product for review purposes.

Although I don't have to concern myself with a monthly menstrual cycle there are times I still need something to help me feel fresh. I can get that freshness with Carefree Acti-Fresh liners. I've used Carefree products in the past so I wasn't hesitant at all to test the ones I received. Check out my review on YouTube.

What feminine products do you use on a regular basis? Do you use Carefree or will you try them?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Life without GPS

Do you remember what it was like not to have driving directions at your fingertips? I started thinking about those days when I drove to a new location for an appointment then afterwards needed directions again to find a bank branch nearby.

I had quite a few hiccups with the GPS because it was dark and rainy all day, which caused the signal to keep dropping right in the middle of telling me where to go. I was getting extremely frustrated until I remembered what it was like to get directions in the past.

When I was growing up in the 70s, my parents would call someone to get directions then write them down. If they got lost along the way they would either stop to use a payphone to call the person or ask someone standing on the street to direct them. It was the same thing in the 80s - at least for me it was, and somewhere in the early 90s I got my first computer and opened the door up for finding info on the World Wide Web. Sometimes I could find the addresses of major companies and businesses, but a lot of the time a phone call would still need to be made. You remember those times, right?

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